Make Salmon a Regular Part of Your Diet with This Simple and Fast Recipe

Salmon is known for having many health benefits. Rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, B, and D, salmon is a flavorful, incredibly healthy dinner option. However, it can be tricky to prepare salmon, if you aren’t familiar with cooking seafood. This can be especially challenging if you have picky eaters at home! Here is a great recipe for Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon, a crowd favorite that can be enjoyed over rice or noodles or served alongside vegetables.

Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon


• 1/3 c. honey
• 1/4 c. soy sauce
• 2 tbsp. lemon juice
• 1 tsp. red pepper flakes
• 3 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil, divided
• 4 6-oz. salmon fillets patted dry with a paper towel
• Kosher salt
• Freshly ground black pepper
• 3 cloves garlic, minced
• 1 lemon, sliced into rounds


1. In a medium bowl, whisk honey, soy sauce, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes.

2. In a large skillet over medium-high heat, heat two tablespoons oil. When the oil is hot but not smoking, add salmon skin-side up and season with salt and pepper. Cook salmon until golden, about 6 minutes, then flip over and add the remaining tablespoon of oil.

3. Add garlic to the skillet and cook until fragrant, 1 minute. Add the honey mixture and sliced lemons and cook until sauce is reduced by about 1/3.

4. Baste salmon with the sauce. Garnish with sliced lemon and serve.

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